What I Want – Music, Love, and Freedom

I’ve heard that it’s better to focus your attention on what you want to happen to you instead of what you want to avoid because of fear. That sounds pretty damn accurate. So often I say things like “I want to make money because I hate being broke”, or “I want to work for myself because I dread working for other people”. It’s a hard habit to break. It seems that it would be more beneficial to make my intentions clear and express that I want things that make me feel good. So, I want to have financial freedom so that I can have fun and enjoy life. I love freedom and independence, so I want to work for myself because setting my own schedule and doing things when I want and where I want speaks to the nomadic spirit in me.

I like creating things, and since I’m practicing being more specific, below is a list of things I know I want to accomplish.

  1. Make video blogs every week. I’ll talk a little about my day, time at the beach, weight loss, activities with friends, or other interesting things.
  2. Make freestyles and post them on Youtube. I hope that people will enjoy my music and stick around for my other projects like shows, podcasts, and original songs.
  3. Make beats on a more regular basis and share them during video blogs.
  4. Make friends online and find love. I want to meet people and in my heart, I feel that by exploring my creative side and sharing it with people, I’ll eventually find the love of my life who truly knows who I am.