Supermoons and Sugar

The Supermoon happened this week. Astrologically speaking, themes of comfort and stability battled with themes of desire and trying something new. Internally, I have felt things that lead me to believe this moon business is more than a myth. I’m still in a state of uncertainty in my life, but I feel things slowly moving forward. I still dream of living by the beach. Let’s see if my dream actually comes true.

My diet has taken a wonderful turn thanks to discipline and a little self negotiation. I ate fried chicken yesterday, but stopped myself from buying cake. Today I bought orange sherbet, chips, and soda, which isn’t the healthiest, but I’m watching my caloric intake. Most of my diet consists of vegetables, a limited amount of carbs (potatoes, rice), and turkey products (bacon, sausage, salami). I want to reduce my processed food intake, so after next week, I’ll buy baked chicken instead of turkey. That’s going to be difficult, because I do enjoy turkey bacon.

Mornings have always been my weakness. I feel a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from fear, guilt, anger, and a of other negative emotions, and sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on work. The logical side of me says that stress and hunger are the culprit, but it also feels like I’m in a highly suggestible state, possibly open to influence from other realms and dimensions (I know this sounds very sci-fi lol), and my morning state is similar to what I feel while I’m dreaming. My insecurities, desires, and frustrations, make their way to my dreams, and it’s almost as if I’m not completely awake even though my eyes are open. My mind really doesn’t settle or feel comfortable until after 2 pm.

I feel the need to inject some humor in this post because it is rather serious. Hmm…I can’t think of anything. Maybe next time I’ll have a knock-knock joke.