Self Care, Transitions, Food Vlogs, And A New Bed

This mystical life is changing before my eyes. It has been one hell of a journey so far, and I don’t want to make the same mistakes anymore. I will take care of myself, allow myself to feel comfortable, and immerse myself in things that bring me joy. It starts with the simple things like buying myself a much needed bed and tending to my website. As soon as I decided to log on to post this article, I felt a sense of calm wash over me. That feeling was immediate and overwhelming. I went from obsessive and fearful thoughts to calm and comfortable.

My life has settled down a bit, and this is the perfect time to treat myself like I’m worthy of love. I know I’m too hard on myself and that will change. But on to happier news…Next week I’ll receive my new laptop. My current Dell is on its last leg. I will record videos and music in the future, and I have a lot of exciting things planned. My first Youtube show will be called Cheat Day. I haven’t figured out if I wanted to record weekly or bi-weekly, but it will be a vlog about my diet. The series will mainly cover the food I consume when I give myself one day off from healthy eating. I want to document my progress and have fun. My ultimate goal weight is 150, so it would be great to have people witness my journey.

Wonderful things will happen if I just remember to treat myself better and appreciate my life as it is now. Until next time…