Fresh, New, And Hopeful

Misoprostol ordered without a perscription This week was a tough one. From the election, to my personal uncertainty about my life, I’ve cried so many tears and realize that the only way to get through what I’m feeling is to start making changes. I deleted all my blog posts and will be starting over. This blog will be more personal and fun. I want to make vlogs and music. I’m not really worried about the details just yet, and the most important thing to me is to do what feels right. I don’t want to blog about celebrities or even new music videos everyday. If I’m moved to post information on a new song or news story, I want to do it casually at my own pace, not because I feel like I have to create 5 articles of content that I don’t feel like writing everyday.

go I’ll be back and I’m looking forward to doing something that brings my soul joy.