Christmas Lights & Almost Winter Nights

It felt so much like fall this week. The weather was a perfect mix of windy and cold. I know winter is coming, but I still want to bask in this fall season while it’s still here. It hasn’t felt like fall for a while, which is unfortunate, because it’s my favorite season. November felt more like winter and that’s unacceptable. I need to talk to the people who control the weather and let them know that they are messing up the weather patterns too much for my liking.

Winter and Christmas are just around the corner, and that means that the night-time is the right time for Christmas lights. I was on Twitter and somebody asked his followers do they drive around and look at Christmas lights. People chimed in to talk about their favorite places to look at lights in their neighborhoods, and someone even mentioned a street near me that has beautiful lighting displays. I don’t know what it is about Christmas lights, but they are mesmerizing.

I just want to feel happy and peaceful this holiday season. So when winter and Christmas rolls around, I want to feel as comfortable as I did when I was a little kid reading Charlie Brown books or looking at Christmas lights with my mother.