A New Direction and New Personal Site

So this site has just been sitting here collecting dust, and that means it’s time for a change. I know I thought about doing something creative for so long, and I still will, but I want my creative projects to be more personal in nature. The name StupidBeat isn’t quite a fit for what I want to do. I still think this site has a purpose, so here is a list of what I have planned for this year:

  • I was accepted into the Amazon Merch program, so I would like to use the StupidBeat brand to sell music and meme themed shirts. I still might blog about other things on this site, but I am still in the process of developing ideas.


  • My new site AquariusKarima.com will contain my personal blog and videos. I want to make Youtube videos about my life, video games, and maybe even astronomy.


  • On a personal note, I want to weigh less than 190 pounds. I’m 228ish right now and I lost about 40 pounds this year. I also want to go out, have some fun, and make some friends.

Here’s to a wonderful year!