A Bird, Sides & A Pie

I decided to indulge this week and ate some Thanksgiving related food. Chicken, yams, cornbread, greens, and peach pie somehow made their way into my mouth, and I do not regret my decision. My brother bought donuts, Pringles, and Wingstop, so my good time is spilling over to the weekend. I’ve already made my mind up that aside from special occasions, my diet will mainly consist of water, baked chicken, assorted vegetables, and some rice and potatoes. I would like to consume simple and filling food, and I’m looking forward to taking care of my health and myself.

My plan was to start the New Year off by looking for a job that pays more. Honestly, that idea brings me a lot of stress. My mind splits into two directions when I think about job hunting. I immediately tell myself that it’s important to look past the fear I’m feeling if I want to break free from stagnation. I know it’s important to change my thinking, because if I constantly think that I’m only qualified for a low paying job that I hate, I might invite that experience into my life. The other part of me feels like I should listen to my heart and my body, both of which deserve to be heard. My heart and body tells me to focus on relaxing, losing weight, and being more clear in what I tell myself I want out of life. The plan that feels right is one that involves me focusing on feeling better, losing enough weight so that I would be comfortable on my feet in a warehouse type job, and using my free time to make blogs and music.

I should be grateful. I have a roof over my head, I’m making money, and I have support from my family. I will do more to honor my circumstances and acknowledge that ultimately I have control over my life, and I get to decide how to live it.