123 Degrees and Counting in Palm Springs

I can let out a huge sigh of relief because summer is almost over. Palm Springs is beautiful and scenic, but I haven’t explored the city yet. I ran into a little problem known as excessive heat, and that’s to be expected in Palm Springs, but I am someone who has spent most of her adult life in parts of Los Angeles that were a hop, skip, jump, and short bus ride away from the beach. Adjusting to life in this new city has been difficult. I don’t leave my house for much, and if I did, my body would incinerate upon contact with the blazing sun (or so I’ve been told). Fortunately, triple digit highs are a thing of the past, and the weather should really cool down over the next month. I need to buy a bicycle and ride around the city in style.

I found out that Denny’s and IHOP is open 24 hours in Downtown Palm Springs. Those restaurants might be not be on the top of the list for fine dining in Palm Springs, but I am intrigued by the idea that I could stuff my face at chain restaurants in the middle of the night if I wanted to. I’ll leave a nice tip and I should take pictures. I want to know the joy of experiencing the simple things in life. It might start with a simple trip to a restaurant, but what if something miraculous happens? I might find the love of my life in Denny’s while stuffing my face with burgers and other fried things.

There’s a casino downtown that I need to visit. It has slot machines and a buffet, but I’m mostly interested in playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em. I learned about the game online and it looks like fun. All I have to do is consistently beat the dealer and I’m on my way to becoming a wealthy woman of color. And again, you never know what can happen. I might meet my future girlfriend there. I’ll impress her with my responsible gambling. I plan on attacking Palm Springs like a real tourist. There’s a lot of beauty here.

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is a 10 minute ride to the top of a cool mountain, and I would like to experience what it’s like to just do some regular, relaxing, touristy stuff. I know that the weather is about 30 degrees colder than the temperature on the ground, so in preparation, I’ll bring a bubble jacket and possibly somebody warm to hug on. I’m willing to do these tourist activities alone, but it would be nice to share these activities with someone. Anyway, I might have to do a little more research about the Tram, but it seems like fun. There are hiking trails and restaurants on the mountain, so I’m sure that I’ll be entertained while I’m there.

The plan is to embrace fun and friendship, two things in my life that are severely lacking. I want to have a memorable 2017 and 2018, and I know that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. It might sound strange, but I’m a little nervous about my plan. I want to enjoy life, but there were so many times in the past when I told myself that true relaxation and comfort were luxuries that weren’t reserved for me. That mindset needs to be broken down. If I don’t feel like I deserve a happy life, who will? I’m ready for fun and love. It’s time that I give myself what I’ve wanted for so long. I want to be filled with so much joy that I’ll completely forget that time I went outside to dump the trash and it was 123 damn degrees.